Empowering research


The aim of WSPHA association is to foster constructive scientific interactions and collaborations among the top worldwide experts on Pulmonary Hypertension. The authoritative profile of its founders places WSPHA in a pivotal position of the sector.

Our Mission

The World Symposia on Pulmonary Hypertension Association has been created with the aim of intensifying scientific research and making available worldwide the many recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition by referring patients to the Centres of Excellence as soon as possible. More specifically, WSPH Association will offer ongoing training also by funding scholarships for students and researchers. Additionally, the Association activities will be devoted to scientific dissemination. WSPHA will raise funds to organise educational events and conferences in the medical field and in particular in the field of Pulmonary Hypertension.

The Association will organise the next PH World Congresses, as the four founding members have done over the past twenty years.

The growing interest in Pulmonary Hypertension is confirmed by the presence of an increasing number of specialists at the World Congresses. In fact, participants have almost increased fourfold in the last ten years. The first Congress was held in Geneva in 1973 and was attended by 17 participants. They rose to 85 in Evian in 1998. There were 100 members of multidisciplinary medical teams and 200 specialists in Venice in 1998, rising respectively to 120 and 350 in 2008, 129 and 1.070 in Nice in 2013 and 124 and 1.376 again in Nice, in 2018.